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Latvia stands strong with Ukraine: Latvia Foreign Affairs Minister speaks at Raisina Dialogue 2024

New Delhi: Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Latvia, Krisjanis Karins shed light on his country's unwavering support for Ukraine in the face of the ongoing Russian invasion.
Speaking to ANI on the sidelines of the third day of the Raisina Dialogue 2024, the visiting minister emphasized Latvia's substantial contribution to Ukraine, "We provide weapons from the government; we provide humanitarian aid, we provide financial assistance, and it's not only the government; it's also civil society."
"So we have many organizations which have sprung up out of nowhere, which provide ambulances, which provide school buses, which provide other automobiles, which provide medical equipment, which provide drones, which provide money," he added
In addition, he added that Latvia has allocated approximately 1% of its GDP to aid the war-torn nation.
In an interview with ANI after participating in the Raisina Dialogue 2024, emphasizing the fact that it's an entire country effort, Krisjanis Karins says, "Everything that you can imagine is being supplied. People who don't have lots of money donate their time to make something. People who have more money donate the money so they can purchase more goods.
"We understand as Latvians that the Ukrainians are fighting also in our place because this is a war of imperialism, a war of aggression,"
Karins acknowledged the challenges faced by Ukraine, expressing concern over the shortage of weapons, especially ammunition and air defense systems. Despite territorial losses, he reassured that once the necessary weapons supplies arrived, Ukraine's capability to liberate its territories would be unleashed.
While acknowledging the difficulty in predicting the war's end, Karins emphasized the need for a long-term deterrence strategy against Russia. He urged NATO and European nations to fortify themselves militarily to dissuade any future aggression from Russia.
In this context, he welcomed India's potential role in influencing Russia to cease its war of aggression and called for financial and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.
"India and the Prime Minister, of course, can also play a very big role. Of course, I invite you to consider any kind of support that could be given to Ukraine. Also, financial assistance, and humanitarian assistance, are greatly needed," he remarked while speaking to ANI.
The Foreign Affairs Minister concluded by highlighting the global solidarity with Ukraine, citing the support of more than 50 countries, including those from the global south. He expressed gratitude for both military and humanitarian aid, underscoring the importance of respecting Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in international forums.
As the conflict unfolds, Latvia stands as a staunch ally to Ukraine, advocating for a united front against aggression and a sustainable plan for long-term peace in the region.

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