Thursday, August, 18,2022

John Oliver calls out Russian President Vladimir Putin on 'Last Week Tonight'

Washington: American comedian and TV host John Oliver didn't hold back his feelings for Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday's episode of 'Last Week Tonight'.
According to Deadline, during the episode, Oliver said, "Putin is a lot of things: he's an autocrat, a tyrant, a warmonger. But also, he's kinda a huge b*tch," His comments were in response to a conversation that took place during a security meeting at the Kremlin last Monday, between Putin and Sergey Naryshkin, Russia's director of foreign intelligence.
Putin badgered Naryshkin, to take a formal stand regarding the independence of the Ukraine cities of Donetsk and Luhansk. But Naryshkin was voicing his support of diplomacy with Ukraine one last time before going to war.
Oliver commented on the obvious fear Naryshkin must have been feeling while being asked by Putin to take a stand on a subject they seemed to disagree on.
As per Deadline, he said, "Unfortunately for that guy, he clearly forgot the best strategy for public speaking in Russia which is: just imagine the entire audience in their underwear, and Vladimir Putin pointing a pistol at your head. It really focuses the mind."
Putin commenced Russia's military operation on the sovereign nation, on February 24. A day later, Russia seized control of Chernobyl. (ANI)

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