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Israeli forces capture 3,200 wanted terrorists since start of war

Tel Aviv: Since the start of the war in Gaza, approximately 3,200 wanted terrorists and people suspected of aiding terror have been arrested throughout the Judea and Samaria Division and the Jordan Valley region by Israeli security forces. Of them, more than 1,350 are associated with the terrorist organization Hamas.

Most recently, overnight IDF (Israel Defense Forces) units, the Shin Bet (Israel's anti-terror General Security Service) and Border Police arrested 40 wanted terrorists in those areas.

In a counter-terrorism operation in Jenin, fighters from the IDF's special forces Duvdavan and Haruv units, together with Border Police, arrested 14, killed three terrorists and injured the others. During the operation, the fighters located weapons and uncovered explosives that were planted under roads that were intended to harm Israeli forces.
Also, during the operation an IDF aircraft attacked terrorists who shot at the forces, hits were detected.
In Qabalan, near Nablus, forces arrested three wanted men.
In Fatsa'el they arrested three more wanted men.

In Qibya they arrested four wanted men and in Rantis near Ramallah they confiscated terrorist funds.
In Hebron, five wanted persons the IDF said were active in the student cell of Hamas were arrested.
Israeli forces also confiscated over 10,000 Shekels ($2,800) in terrorist funds.

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