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Indonesia hands over G20 presidency to India

Bali: Indonesia on Wednesday handed over the G20 Presidency to India, which will officially assume office on December 1, 2022.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo officially handed over the G20 Presidency to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the closing ceremony. During the closing ceremony, PM Modi said, "It's a matter of pride for every Indian as India takes over the presidency of the G20. We will organise G20 meetings in different states and cities in India. Together we will make G20 a catalyst for global change."

"India's G20 presidency will be inclusive, ambitious, decisive and action-oriented. In the next one year, it will be our endeavour that G20 works as a global prime mover to give impetus to collective action," he added.

Earlier, PM Modi addressed the G20's last working session, Digital Transformation where he said that India is making "digital access public." He also noted that there is still a "huge digital divide" at the international level.
PM Modi said that only 50 countries have digital payment systems. In his statement at the third session of the G20 Summit, he called on world leaders for making a pledge to bring digital transformation into every person's life in order to keep no one deprived of the benefits of digital technology.

"In India, we are making digital access public, but at the international level, there is still a huge digital divide. Citizens of most developing countries of the world do not have any kind of digital identity. Only 50 countries have digital payment systems.

"Can we take a pledge together that in the next ten years we will bring digital transformation in the life of every human being so that no person in the world will be deprived of the benefits of digital technology," PM Modi said at the G20 summit," he added.

As India assumes the G20 presidency on December 1, PM Modi stated that his nation will work jointly with G20 partners for achieving the objective. He announced that the principle of "Data for development" will remain an integral part of the overall theme of India's presidency 'One Earth, One Family, One Family.' Calling digital transformation the "most remarkable change of the era," PM Modi said that its proper use can be a "force multiplier" in the global fight against poverty.

"During its G-20 Presidency next year, India will work jointly with G-20 partners towards this objective. The principle of "Data for development" will be an integral part of the overall theme of our Presidency "One Earth, One Family, One Future," PM Narendra Modi said. (ANI)

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