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India providing legal, consular assistance to eight Indians detained in Qatar

New Delhi: India is extending consular and legal assistance to eight former Indian Navy personnel detained in Qatar as part of the legal process underway and is also engaged with the authorities of the Gulf country.

Responding to queries during the weekly media briefing on Thursday, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said the next day of the hearing in the court case relating to the eight Indians is in early May. "This is now in the legal process. Let me emphasise that we are making all efforts to assist these Indians who were detained and we are also extending consular assistance as well as legal assistance as part of the legal process that is underway," Bagchi said.
"We are also engaged with the Qatari authorities. Our embassy in Doha continues to remain in touch with the families. The next day of the hearing is in early May. We are trying to see what can be done before that in connection with that hearing," he added.
Answering another query, he said the charges against them have not been "unsealed".
"It's not yet public. As the legal process unfolds perhaps there will be...," Bagchi said.

The eight former Navy officials were working for a private firm. They were detained in Doha in October last year.
Bagchi also responded to a question on the proposal to set up the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Tanzania.
"I think there are a couple of places that discussions are going, but yes Tanzania can be one of them and once the confirmation comes, we'll share the good news with you," he said. (ANI)

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