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India a soft powerhouse, says Korean Ambassador on viral dance cover that got PM Modi's thumbs-up

New Delhi: India is a powerhouse, both in terms of hard power and soft power, said Chang Jae-bok, the South Korean Ambassador to India here while speaking on the viral video of the embassy's staff dancing their hearts out to Naatu Naatu from RRR -- the Oscar-nominated Telugu film making waves globally. The Korean Ambassador also grooved to the chartbusting number along with his staff.
"India is a powerhouse, both in terms of hard power and soft power, but you have to remember that a country cannot have its status as a world leader without possessing soft power. So, people want to know more about India and they would like to visit India, looking and experiencing Indian culture like Indian tradition like Bollywood and Indian cuisines, Indian tradition dress and cricket," said the Korean Ambassador in an interview with ANI on rising stature of India's soft power. The viral video caught the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who praised the staff's team effort with a thumbs-up emoji. "Lively and adorable team effort," PM Modi tweeted while sharing the video.
Speaking on this, the envoy said PM Modi's complement is one of the best achievements he can think of as an ambassador of Korea.
"It was fun for us to make this video clip and my first impression from Prime Minister Modi's comment on retweeting, it was that we did it and we just nailed it. So, we are very happy that Prime Minister Modi retweeted our dance cover. It was a big encouragement for us. PM Modi's complement is probably one of the best achievements you can think of as an ambassador of Korea here in India," said Chang.
Produced as part of celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between South Korea and India, the envoy hailed the relationship between the two countries saying that with India's G20 Presidency, Korea looks forward to its achievements, especially in the areas of development and digital economy.
"India now is definitely an emerging global power with immense potential, with its economy rapidly and steadily growing and it's important as the world's largest democracy. So, I'm sure that India's G20 presidency will be successful and I'll be looking forward to its achievements, especially in the areas of development, and digital economy," said Chang.
"Korea is committed to the success of the G20 summit under India's leadership, in September. With the G20, we expect more and more high-level officers exchange visits and also some more special events in our culture and we will try to upgrade our current relationship, which is the special strategic partnership between India and Korea," he added.
On whether he plans to come up with more dance covers like that, the envoy said he will be coming up with more surprises like this and will continue to understand India's culture even more.
"Hopefully, yes we would come up with some other forms of surprise, but not another dance, but we will study the Indian culture. We will continue to understand what's going on in India, and especially culture and also for more people to people contact," said the envoy. (ANI)

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