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France launches special international programme on French for Indian students

New Delhi: French President Emmanuel Macron announced the launch of a special programme for Indian students to learn French for a year in France before pursuing the degree of their choice.
The decision comes after French President Macron attended the Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi as a chief guest.
The classes are designed to help India's brightest high school graduates access France's rich, diverse, and world-renowned educational offerings without being limited to English-taught programmes alone, the French Embassy in India said in a statement.
Under the programme, regardless of already being a French language learner or a complete beginner, a student can now be admitted to French-taught undergraduate programmes of French higher education institutions after successfully completing a foundational year of immersive language training at that institution.
The decision is seen as a significant step towards India-France ties as PM Modi and President Macron have agreed to support the initiative of setting up international classes which will enable, from September 2024 onwards, Indian students to be taught French as a foreign language, methodology and academic contents in highly reputed French universities in France during one academic year, before entering their chosen curricula in France.
During President Macron's visit to India, he visited the Amber Fort in Jaipur where he met Indian students from Alliance Francaise de Jaipur, the French departments of Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University, and alumni back from France after graduation.
The President stressed France's commitment to opening up more opportunities for Indian students, exemplified by initiatives such as International Classes, 5-year short-stay Schengen visa for alumni and the fact that India is now the largest beneficiary of French academic scholarships.
He reiterated, "We want to welcome 30,000 Indian students to France by 2030" and added that, if this goal is met, "I would be the happiest President".
The French embassy said in a statement that the programme is open to all Indian students, irrespective of their current level of French. Academic excellence is the only prerequisite and offers access to world-renowned French higher education institutions across all fields, universities, grandes ecoles, engineering, management, sciences, humanities, arts, and other specialised schools.
The students will be immersed in French culture and language and can partake in the student activities of the institution like all other students.
Moreover, the French language classes are tailored to the field of studies chosen by the student, complemented by preparatory courses in the field and outstanding students will be awarded scholarships by the Embassy of France in India to support their higher education in France. India is the largest beneficiary of French scholarships.
The students could apply for the programme till March 31, 2024.

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