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'Exercise Tiger Triumph': India, US Navy warships undertake operations in Kakinada

Andhra Pradesh: The Indian Navy and US Navy amphibious warships on Friday undertook operations in the Kakinada region of Andhra Pradesh as part of the ongoing India-US joint exercise 'Tiger Triumph 2024'.
In the exercise, the integral craft onboard the ships were deployed to undertake various operations, according to an official statement.
Additionally, Cross Deck helicopter operations were also undertaken between the ships of the Indian Navy and the US Navy off Kakinada.
The seamless conduct of multifaceted coordinated operations is indicative of the joint planning and execution, reaffirming the high degree of interoperability between the Armed Forces of the two nations.
The Sea Phase of Exercise Tiger Triumph 2024 commenced on Wednesday, with Indian Navy and US Navy ships sailing out together.
This phase in Visakhapatnam will witness Service personnel from both countries going through various facets of amphibious operations, including coordinated HADR and MEDEVAC.
Exercise 'Tiger Triumph 2024', is a bilateral, tri-service exercise between India and the US, being held from March 18-31.
The opening ceremony of the exercise took place onboard INS Jalashwa on March 19.
Earlier on Sunday, a pre-sail conference was conducted at Visakhapatnam to discuss the nuances of the upcoming sea phase of Exercise Tiger Triumph 2024.
The plans were presented to the commanders, with the commanding officers of participating units of the United States Navy and Indian Navy in attendance.
Notably, the exercise is aimed at developing interoperability for conducting HADR operations and refining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to enable rapid and smooth coordination between forces of both countries.
"Indian Navy ships with integral helicopters and landing crafts embarked, Indian Navy aircraft, Indian Army personnel and vehicles and Indian Air Force aircraft and helicopters, along with the Rapid Action Medical Team (RAMT), would be participating in the exercise," the Ministry of Defence said in a press release.

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