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CBI facilitates returns of murder accused from Abu Dhabi

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in close coordination with the Interpol channels in Abu Dhabi facilitated the return of accused Narender Singh wanted in a murder and riot case against whom Red Corner Notice was issued, an official statement said on Friday.
Singh was wanted by Haryana Police in a case at Tohana Police Station, Fatehbad, Haryana for the offences of murder, rioting and voluntarily causing grievous hurt.
CBI informed that the Global Operations Centre of the Central Bureau of Investigation has coordinated with INTERPOL NCB - Abu Dhabi; Haryana Police; the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi, Ministry of External Affairs.
Moreover, a Red Notice subject was returned today from UAE to India with a security detail from STF of Haryana Police.
He was earlier geo-located in UAE through close follow-up by CBI through INTERPOL.
The accused was convicted of life imprisonment by the High Court vide order dated October 24, 2009.
CBI had got a Red notice issued against him from the INTERPOL General Secretariat in November 2023 at the request of Haryana Police.
The red notice was circulated to all INTERPOL member countries for the location and arrest of the accused.
CBI as the National Central Bureau for Interpol in India, coordinates with all law enforcement agencies in India for assistance via INTERPOL channels.
Due to close coordination and follow-up with foreign law enforcement agencies via INTERPOL channels, as many as 29 criminals wanted by Indian law enforcement agencies were returned from abroad in 2023.
CBI has published as many as 100 Red Notices through INTERPOL on criminals and fugitives wanted by Indian law enforcement agencies in 2023.

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