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Ukraine denies direct involvement with alleged drone attack in Russia

Kyiv: Ukraine denied direct involvement with the alleged drone attack on the Russian capital, Moscow on Tuesday, CNN reported.
Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak in a conversation with a YouTube channel said, "Of course, we enjoy watching and predicting an increase in attacks. But of course, we have nothing to do directly with it." He further stated, "What is growing in Russia is the karmic payment that Russia will gradually pay in aggravated form for everything it does in Ukraine."
Earlier, Russia's Defence Ministry claimed that Ukraine is responsible for a "terrorist attack" using drones against Moscow on Tuesday, according to CNN.
Earlier in the morning today, several unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) en route to Moscow were shot down near the Russian capital in the early hours, quoting Moscow Governor Andrey Vorobyov, TASS reported.
"This morning, residents of some districts in the Moscow Region could hear the sounds of explosions - it was our air defence in operation. Several drones were downed on their course to Moscow," Vorobyov said on his Telegram channel.
Vorobyov asked the residents of the Moscow region to maintain their composure. He further said that all emergency units were in operation and further information will be released, as per the news report.
Meanwhile, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said that two people required medical attention after a drone attack, TASS reported. He said that no one was seriously injured or taken to hospital after the drone attack. He further stated that emergency services and several ambulance crews continue to work at the site of the incidents.
In a post on his Telegram channel, Moscow Mayor wrote, "According to information from municipal medical services, at this time, none of the residents of the buildings damaged by UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] have been seriously injured. Two individuals requested medical aid. Nobody had to be hospitalized and the necessary help was provided on-site. Also, the emergency services and several ambulance crews continue to work at the sites of incidents," as per the TASS report. (ANI)

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