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South Africa: Bus, truck head-on collision claims 22 lives

Limpopo: In a devastating incident that unfolded on Sunday in South Africa's Limpopo province, a head-on collision between a bus and a truck resulted in the loss of at least 22 lives, primarily mine workers. The incident led to a catastrophic fire engulfing the bus, making it one of the deadliest accidents in the region this year, CNN reported.

The Limpopo Department of Transport confirmed the grim toll, with 20 fatalities recorded at the accident site, while two additional victims succumbed to their injuries at a hospital. The exact number of passengers on the ill-fated bus and any potential survivors remain unclear.
The tragic collision occurred on a prominent route connecting Musina town to the Venetia mine in northern Limpopo province, a crucial transport artery in the region.
Murray and Roberts, the company employing the deceased mine workers, reported that 18 of their employees, en route to the Venetia mine, tragically lost their lives. These preliminary reports paint a grim picture of the accident's impact on the workforce of South Africa's largest diamond producer, the Venetia mine, according to CNN.

Videos captured at the accident scene and shared on social media depict a grim aftermath, with lifeless bodies scattered on the ground and a thick plume of black smoke rising from the charred remains of the bus.

The Limpopo Department of Transport has announced its intent to visit the Venetia mine to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident, seeking to obtain a detailed report on the incident.
Regrettably, this marks the second major bus accident resulting in significant casualties in Limpopo province this year. In February, a tragic head-on collision between a bus and a cash-in-transit van claimed the lives of approximately 20 individuals, as confirmed by officials at the time, CNN reported.

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