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Pakistan: Slain activist Hidayat Lohar's daughters lead massive protests in Sindh

Sindh: The killing of prominent Sindhi activist Hidayat Lohar has ignited massive protests in the Naseerabad area of Sindh province in Pakistan.
These ongoing protests and rallies are being led by Hidayat Lohar's two daughters; Sorath Lohar and Sasui Lohar.
In a post on the social media platform X, the Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh (VMPS) stated, "Sorath Lohar leads the protest against the brutal murder of 'Martyr #HidayatLohar by Pakistani State. #StatekilledHidyatLohar."
In the adjoining video, Sorath Lohar can be seen protesting and chanting slogans of "We want justice".
Earlier, VMPS had posted, "Naseerabad; Rally in Naseerabad under the guidance of Sorath Lohar and Sasui, leader of Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh, against the state murder of Shaheed Hidayat Lohar, a large number of people participated. On the other hand, on behalf of PT ALF and Jai Sindh, protests continued throughout Sindh on the 6th day today. #StateKilledHidayatLohar".
The protest has gained recognition and support from other prominent activists and social leaders who, just like the Lohar sisters continue raising similar voices of dissent against the atrocities inflicted by Pakistan upon the people.
Previously, prominent Baloch rights activist Mahrang Baloch had expressed her solidarity for the protest of Sasui and Sorath.
Taking to X, Baloch stated "We stand in solidarity with the sit-in protest led by Sasui and Sorath against the extrajudicial killing of the prominent human rights activist, Hidayat Lohar. I appeal to the UN Working Group to promptly investigate Lohar's murder and ensure justice for Sasui and Sorath. I encourage people from all walks of life to join the sit-in and support Sasui and Sorath in their quest for justice. #JusticeForHidayatLohar"
Another prominent human rights organisation Amnesty International condemned the killing of Hidayat Lohar.
In a statement issued, the organisation emphasised the urgent need for an independent and impartial investigation by Pakistani authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.
In a post on X, Amnesty International remarked, "PAKISTAN: @amnesty calls on the authorities to conduct an independent, impartial and prompt investigation into the killing of Sindhi political activist and teacher Hidayatullah Lohar, and ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable without recourse to the death penalty."
The tragic killing of Hidayat Lohar underscores the grave risks faced by human rights workers in Pakistan.
Lohar, who forcibly disappeared in 2017 and recovered two years later in May 2019, was recently shot and killed by armed men.
The father of Sorath Lohar, leader of Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh, and Sasui Lohar, fell victim to this heinous crime. His family members have been staging protests demanding justice for his murder.

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