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ZP meet: MP Rao Rajendra takes power dept staff to task

Jaipur: The Jaipur Zila Parishad General Assembly convened at the Zila Parishad Auditorium on Saturday. The meeting marked the first attendance of Jaipur Rural MP, Rao Rajendra Singh, since his election. During the session, a significant number of assembly members voiced concerns regarding the working style of the electricity department officials.

MP Rao Rajendra Singh sharply criticized the officials for failing to form a committee as previously instructed in the last General Assembly meeting. Addressing the issue, Singh emphasized the importance of addressing the serious concerns raised by the public representatives. In an exclusive interview with First India News, Rao Rajendra Singh stated, “The seriousness of the issues raised by the public representatives is paramount. Today, I have issued directives to the officials to address these concerns promptly.”

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