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Zira Liquor Factory: Panel to submit reports on water pollution in 2 weeks

Firozpur: Punjab administration on Friday deployed around 2000 cops in Firozpur amid protests by farmers demanding the Liquor factory in Zira be shut down as it was allegedly polluting groundwater in several villages.
Punjab and Haryana High Court on Friday adjourned the hearing and listed the matter for hearing in the last week of January. Palwinder Singh DSP Zira said, "Police is maintaining law and order situation. Cops have been deployed. Everything is under control. There are reports of no untoward incident. All are waiting for Court Order. We will act accordingly".
Farmers under the banner of the Sanjha Morcha Zira have been protesting in front of the distillery "Malbros International Private Limited", owned by a Shiromani Akali Dal leader,demanding it be shut down as it was allegedly polluting groundwater in several villages besides causing air pollution.
According to farmers, due to the water emanating from the Liquor factory, the groundwater of around 40 villages is getting polluted. "Children are getting sick and infected with other life-threatening diseases. The future of around 40 villages is at stake," they said.
Protesting farmers while shouting "anti-government" slogans said, "Since the past four months we have been protesting against this liquor factory. Our demand is that this liquor factory should be shut down".
Farmers threatened to intensify their protests "if the decision of the court was not in the favour of the public".
The detailed order is yet to come from the High Court. From what we have come to know so far, the end date of January has been found.
The court directed the testing team for soil testing Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) high committee, Gadhwasu high committee for animal husbandary and for Team from Chandigarh to check health hazards has been told to complete its work in 2 weeks and submit the reports .
The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Tuesday agreed to constitute a committee to retest the water in the vicinity of Malbros International Private Limited, an alcohol-making an alcohol-making unit in Mansurwal village of Zira assembly segment, Ferozepur, for any contamination
"As the farmers have demanded for water, soil and health hazards should be tested. Three teams have arrived for testing.As farmers had demanded before testing our representatives will be there," said Kanwardeep kaur SSP Ferozpure. (ANI)

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