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Gwalior: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the 125th Founders’ Day celebrations at ‘The Scindia School’ in MP’s Gwalior on Saturday, told the gathering of students that their dream is his “resolution”. “India will remove poverty and also become developed. Whatever India is doing today is doing it on a mega scale…Your dreams and resolutions should both be big. Your dream is my resolution,” Modi said. “Dream big and achieve big…every student of the Scindia School should strive to make India a Viksit Bharat, be it in the professional world or any other place,” PM Narendra Modi added.

“Today we have resolved to make the country developed in the next 25 years. And this has to be done by you, the young generation of India has to do it. I have faith in youth, in potential of youth,” he said.

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