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Wrestlers' protest: "On what basis Delhi Police did not register FIR against WFI chief," questions Kapil Sibal

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal, who is representing the wrestlers' side in the Supreme Court, questioned over the refusal of the Delhi Police to register and FIR against the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president Brij Bhushan.

It's been three months and the wrestler's protest continues to wage on against Brij Bhushan Singh who has been accused of sexual harassment and mistreatment of wrestlers. "It's most unfortunate that people in power talk about morality, talk about doing the right thing well in fact the reality is just the opposite. The investigating agencies act on their (government) directions on what basis the police did not register an FIR? The law of the Supreme Court is very clear that if there are allegations and they make out a cognisable offence and this is a very serious offence," Kapil Sibal said.
He said," Seven women wrestlers have complained and one of them is a minor and the police refuse to register an FIR. Then a committee sits and the committee report is not made public and the government is dragging its feet."

He further went on to request the Sports minister to take an action on this matter before it gets too late.
"I request the sports minister to listen to his conscience and take action before it's too late."
Sibal also revealed that he is ready to support wrestlers in any possible way and the Insaaf ke Sipahi are ready to aid them in their fight against injustice
"I have already conveyed in fact I have a done a tweet this morning that the Insaaf ke Sipahi is willing to help them and in fact, the petition has been filled and Narendra Hooda who must be given the credit for moving this forward I have asked him also I am willing to help in any possible way," Kapil Sibal added.

Sibal went on to take jabs at the WFI chief as he claimed that Brij Bhushan is being protected by the government.
"The chief of the WFI is a member of the BJP and he is a member of parliament so they want to save him. It's part of me too movement and women should be respected and if this government doesn't respect women contrary to their public statements then obviously they will be exposed and they are being exposed."
While speaking to the media, Wrestler's advocate revealed that the Supreme Court has issued notices to the Delhi government as well as the Delhi Police.

"We asked for directions for FIR to be filed against accused Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. Despite serious allegations of harassment, Delhi Police wasn't filing the complaint. SC found the matter serious & issued notices to Delhi govt & Delhi Police," said Wrestler's advocate
The plea was filed by seven wrestlers seeking registration of an FIR against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president & BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh. The matter is set to be heard on Friday. (ANI)

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