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World is facing economic crisis, but PM Modi is taking Indian economy forward, says Nadda

Chandrapur: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president JP Nadda on Monday said that Indian citizens should consider themselves 'lucky' that the country is led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Speaking at Vijay Sankalp Sabha in Chandrapur on Monday, Nadda said that when the whole world is in a crisis and every country is affected, Indian citizens should consider themselves lucky that the country is led by PM Modi. "PM Modi is taking India forward even in adverse conditions. Under the leadership of Modi, India has progressed all round in all sectors like steel production, mobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and chemical. Due to these policies of Modi, the world is looking at India from a different perspective," he said.
He said that while many economies in the world are collapsing, our economy is moving forward strongly.

"India has now become the world's fifth largest economy, surpassing Britain, which ruled it for 200 years. Currently, USA and Russia are facing inflation. However, India is building a strong base of the economy by bringing inflation under control. Today, India has become the world's second-largest steel-producing country. By 2014, 52 per cent of mobile phones were manufactured in India. However, today 97 per cent of mobile phones are manufactured in the country," Nadda said.
He further claimed that the policies of the government helped in reducing poverty to less than "one per cent".
"Vaccination is still not complete in America, but on the other hand, 220 crore vaccine doses have been administered in India. Because of Congress, it took years for vaccines for diseases like TB and polio to arrive in the country. However, after the spread of Corona, PM Modi established a task force and brought two Corona vaccines in just nine months. His policies like free food grains under Garib Kalyan Yojana reduced extreme poverty in the country to less than one per cent," Nadda said.
The BJP national president also inaugurated BJP's 'Mission 144' and 'Mission 25' campaigns, which have been planned for the upcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. (ANI)

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