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Woman who allegedly killed her husband with her lover, granted bail by Delhi court

New Delhi: A Delhi district court has granted bail to a woman allegedly involved in the murder of her husband in collusion with her boyfriend.
The woman and her friend namely Arjun Mandal were arrested in the East Patel Nagar area in October 2019 for allegedly killing her husband and portraying his death as an accident. They killed the man as they thought of him as an "obstacle" in their relationship, as per the case of the prosecution. The body of 42-year-old Dayaram with injuries on his head and other parts was found lying in the shaft of a lift of an under-construction building in central Delhi's East Patel Nagar area on October 17, 2019, the police said.
Advocate Ravi Drall who appeared for Anita argued that the deceased was a habitual drinker and the testimony of witnesses examined by the prosecution do not suggest the alleged role of the accused in the commission of the alleged offence.
Counsel submitted that the star witness namely Hari Ram (son of deceased) has already been examined who during his cross-examination admitted that the accused Anita who is his mother had no role in the murder of his father.

Advocate Ravi Drall further submitted that the FSL result has been filed but no DNA profile has been generated from the exhibits. Counsel further submitted that the applicant/accused has been falsely implicated upon the basis of the CDR of the mobile phone and that of the co-accused but contrary to the allegations the applicant/accused had also made the calls to her other relatives also.
While granting bail Sessions Court noted that the relevant witness qua applicant/accused is stated to prosecution witnessHari Ram, who has stated in his cross-examination that the applicant/accused Anita, who is his mother, had no role in the murder of his father deceased Daya Ram. He also stated that his parents were having a cordial relationship and he had never witnessed any quarrel between his father and mother over accused Arjun Mandal.
Court further noted that the remaining witnesses for the prosecution have stated that they had come to know about the alleged illicit relation between applicant/accused Anita and co-accused Arjun Mandal and none of the prosecution witnesses has deposed about their personal knowledge regarding the alleged illicit relations. (ANI)

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