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With Nadda’s extension, state chiefs also get a breather?

New Delhi: It has been more than two weeks since BJP’s national president JP Nadda got extension in tenure but so far there is no indication that there is going to be any change in the party organisation. He has not even indicated the inclusion of any new member in his team or the removal of anyone. Not only this, there is no clarity regarding the state presidents as well. There was no possibility of much upheaval regarding the central organization, but there was talk of change in many states. But now instead of change, the discussion has started that like Nadda, the tenure of state presidents can also be extended till the next election?

This question is being raised because the executive meeting is going on in the states and the old presidents are handling everything. In Bihar, the state executive meeting has been held in Darbhanga, in which the proposal has been accepted on the instructions of the central leadership of the party that BJP will never align with Nitish Kumar’s party. There was no official discussion about the organization in this meeting also. But according to the leaders who participated, it was being discussed quietly whether the State President Sanjay Jaiswal can also get extension of work? His tenure has come to an end and there has been talk of replacing him for a long time. But now its discussion has stopped.

Similarly, in Jharkhand, the state executive meeting was held at Deoghar, where the byelections to be held on one seat in the state and further elections were discussed. There was also discussion about running a campaign against the state government, but there was no idea about the organizational changes, if any. There too ran a murmur that whether Deepak Prakash would continue as the president? His term has also ended. But considering his closeness with Nadda, it is being said that he may get extension.

State president Adesh Gupta resigned after the BJP lost the municipal elections held in the capital Delhi in December. Virendra Sachdeva was made acting president in his place. Now he is seen working as full time president and is busy preparing for the next election. Due to this, the leaders of Delhi Pradesh, who were in the race for the post of president, are disappointed and are trying to find out whether Virendra Sachdeva will be made the president or a new president will be appointed.

In Rajasthan, there was talk of replacement of State President Satish Punia and Madhya Pradesh President VD Sharma, but now it is being said that both of them may also get an extension till the next Lok Sabha elections.

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