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Will Sonia-Rahul attend the Dec 4 steering committee meeting?

New Delhi: After Mallikarjun Kharge was appointed as Congress President, an interesting development happened. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi found place in the steering committee formed by the new Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, but the question is whether both will attend the first meeting of this committee or not? After stepping down from the post of president, Sonia Gandhi is completely away from everyday political activities. In a way, she has retired as her health is also not very good. Therefore it is possible that she may not attend the steering committee meeting. When Rahul Gandhi was the president, it happened maybe once in a while that Rahul had held a working committee meeting and Sonia did not attend. But barring a few exceptions in the last 24 years, Sonia has held all the meetings.

Rahul Gandhi definitely used to remain absent from many meetings. But that is a thing of the past. Now he has become a serious and round the clock politician. But right now he is undertaking the Bharat Jodo Yatra and there is no news that he will leave the trip and come to Delhi to attend the steering committee meeting. Although he had come to Delhi for Kharge’s oath taking ceremony. But there is no news about coming to Delhi for the steering committee meeting. It is possible that he may join this meeting through video conferencing facility. But if both Sonia and Rahul are not in the meeting then it will be a big deal and then the whole stage will be in the hands of Kharge. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will definitely participate in the meeting but she usually remains silent in such meetings. That’s why there is a need to keep an eye on the December 4 meeting.

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