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Pune: Having announced his coalition with Shiv Sena, Prakash Ambedkar of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi claimed on Tuesday that the ‘master of this country has become a servant out of fear and the servant has become the master’. “The voter is owner of the country. Can anyone say that if in 2024 there is non-BJP-RSS government, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will not be jailed. Unfortunately, voter who is master of this country has become a servant out of fear and the servant has become the master. We have to remove this fear in the coming times. We have gathered in such large numbers at this meeting place today. If we screened the BBC documentary here, would the police catch everyone? If caught, is there space to keep so many people in jail? Jukane wala chahiye, sarkar jukti hai”, a charged up Ambedkar said while speaking at a meeting of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi held at Khadakwasla, Pune.

“During the time of former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, country’s gold was mortgaged in Bank of England. Did they bring back the gold that I asked for so many times? But no one answers it. Look at the condition of the country. When we pledge gold in our house and it cannot be redeemed. From this it can be concluded that your household is financially weak. Tell me, isnt Narendra Modi doing the same thing today?” Ambedkar questioned. Meanwhile, Ambedkar admired Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and stressed that Nehru built the country with great difficulty. “On the basis of Dr. Homi Bhabha’s research, Nehru set up factories in the country. Those factories are economic backbone of India today. But Modi has started selling these very factories,” he claimed. “If you need Rs 1000 to run your house and your income is Rs 800 then you will have to take a loan above Rs 200. Similarly today Narendra Modi is running the country by taking loan. For this loan, they have started selling factories. Put me and PM Modi on the same platform. I will ask him four questions, he should either answer them or Mohan Bhagwat should come forward,” he said.

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