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Why is Congress scared of Shashi Tharoor?

New Delhi: Congress is also a wonderful party. Shashi Tharoor went to meet Sonia Gandhi before contesting the election of the National President of the Congress and contested the election after taking her approval.

Earlier also several Congress leaders used to contest elections when the party’s national President was elected. It is also a fact that Mallikarjun Kharge’s election got democratic legitimacy only when Tharoor contested. Congress is thumping its chest and saying that Congress is the only party which has a democratically elected president. Had Kharge been elected unopposed, the Congress would not have been in a position to say this. Yet the leaders of the Congress party are after Tharoor.

Whenever Tharoor is going on a tour of his home state Kerala, the leaders of the state become perplexed and engage themselves in an attempt to fail his every program and the most surprising thing is that it is happening on the instructions from ‘above’.

The question is who is giving instructions from above? Are instructions being given from the level of Rahul or Priyanka, or is KC Venugopal, the general secretary of the organisation of the Congress, who is from Kerala, doing something, or is Tariq Anwar, in-charge being forcefully apprehensive?

Tharoor hinted that he may contest the 2026 assembly elections. That too when asked by the journalists, he said this but at the same time also said that 2026 is still far away. Keep in mind that before that the Lok Sabha elections are to be held in 2024.

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