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Why govt is diluting JDC’s role by assigning him health, edu dept jobs?

Jaipur: There is a growing resentment among general public and JDA staff against state government’s move to dilute the basic role of JDA commissioner by assigning him various miscellaneous duties in the health or education or some other departments.

Under the present UDH structure JDC has a well defined and structured role to take care of the development of the city, to create revenue and to spend it on multi-crore development projects. 

According to sources, perhaps for the first time JDC’s well established and traditional role has been diluted which has seriously hurt the functioning of JDA during the last one year.

There are three such instances and let us take up the instances, one by one.

During the first wave of Covid, senior IAS Ajitabh Sharma was made the Nodal Officer for Jaipur city and it was a time when the sampling work had gone berserk.

So to aid Ajitabh, Gaurav Goyal was attached with him, after which Gaurav spent several days and nights at SMS Hospital, micro-monitoring the testing and sampling.

At that time Gaurav was posted in Udaipur as Director, Mines, but he carried out his duty in Jaipur, which was the need of the hour. 

The second instance came during the second wave when the treatment and dearth of beds for patients became a major challenge.

Gaurav was again sent into the ‘battle’, this time to aid Jaipur Collector, and Gaurav was given responsibility to set up a 700 bed new and temporary hospital at Beelwa.

Although the work pertained to District Administration and Medical and Health Department, but Gaurav, who was now posted as JDA Commissioner, worked hard, on his new assignment and delivered the desired result. 

Then comes the third instance i.e. REET Examination. It was a major challenge for the state government to hold examination of 2.5 lakh candidates in one day.

When on September 15 CS Niranjan Arya chaired a VC over preparations to hold REET, the Jaipur Collector clearly stated his inability to hold such a large examination and gave reason that ten days prior to holding SIT examination of merely 25000 candidates, the  lackadaisical approach of administration and police had been before everyone.

It was then that CS Arya remembed Gaurav Goyal as ‘Man Friday’ and although the JDA Commissioner has no role in the Education department, inspite of that an order was issued on September 17 making Gaurav the Nodal Officer for the exam and was given the major responsibility of making the examination a success.

It was after this that for the next ten days Goyal engrossed himself with this job and there was virtually no one at the senior level at JDA to take up public redressal system.  

All such instances only display a sense of non-sincere commitment towards the relief of common man, who by the thousands visit JDA each day and works worth crores are carried out in the developmental authority. 

Now a question is being asked in the relevant circles whether this new ‘trend’ will at all attract the attention and intervention of the UDH Minister and Chief Minister?

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