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"Why can't women get free bus rides when...?": Kejriwal counters PM Modi's critique of AAP scheme

New Delhi: Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of opposing the scheme in AAP-ruled Delhi guaranteeing free bus rides for women, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday questioned why women can't avail free bus rides when the former and other ministers enjoy free air travel.
Taking to his official handle on X, the Delhi CM and AAP supremo, who is currently out on interim bail in connection with the liquor policy case, posted, "The Prime Minister is openly opposing the free bus travel being provided to women in Delhi. Women want free bus rides to be introduced across the country but Modi-ji wants to end it. If the prime minister and her ministers can avail free air travel, why can't women across the country get free bus travel."
The AAP chief also shared a video clip of Prime Minister Modi's interview with a television news channel where he is heard expanding on how offering free bus rides was economically non-viable.
In the video, PM Modi is heard explaining that if the government offers free bus rides in a city that has a dedicated Metro service, in a bid to win elections, it takes away 50 per cent of passengers availing the Metro service.
"If you have a dedicated Metro service in the city and offer free bus rides to women just for the sake of winning elections, it means that you are taking away 50 per cent of the Metro passengers. So, the Metro will no longer be a viable commuting option for people," Prime Minister Modi is heard saying in the video.
He adds that making bus rides lucrative for passengers also contributes to traffic congestion in the city while also spiking vehicular emissions and environmental pollution.
"You are adding to the traffic woes while also bringing long-term harm to the environment by taking passengers away from the Metro. How will our Metro service prosper and the country move forward?" Prime Minister said in the interview.
The AAP government in the national capital provides free rides for women, students, senior citizens and people from the transgender community on state-run DTDC buses.

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