Saturday, September, 30,2023

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Who is responsible for lacklustre poll performance?

Jaipur: The Congress has not performed exceedingly well in Gujarat and political observers and party leaders alike have now gone back to the drawing board to find out the reason and the people responsible for the party’s lacklustre performance. Questions are being raised as to why didn’t Rahul-Priyanka camp in Gujarat? Was Bharat Jodo Yatra more important than Gujarat and Himachal elections? Was there a mistake by the high command in fixing the time of the yatra? Is mutual factionalism of senior leaders responsible for this abysmal performance?Notably, in 2017 assembly elections, Congress had won 77 seats under the leadership of Ashok Gehlot and Ahmed bhai. But this time CM Gehlot got stuck in Rajasthan and could not concentrate fully on Gujarat and as a result Congress had a meagre number in his kitty. But who is responsible for this situation in Rajasthan? Observers claim that the high command is also responsible for the political situation in Rajasthan and election results of Gujarat are a signal for Rajasthan. Political observers and pandits have now posed a direct question on the Congress intelligensia : Will Rajasthan also repeat the history of Gujarat in 2023?

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