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"What India needs today is a bomb": Social media posts of security breach mastermind Lalit Jha under scrutiny

New Delhi: The Special Cell of Delhi Police said it was keeping a close eye on the social media posts of Lalit Jha, the alleged mastermind of the Parliament security breach.
Some posts of Lalit, one of which states, "What India needs is a bomb", are under the lens, the Special Cell informed.
Sources in Delhi Police said Lalit dropped the "What India needs is a bomb" post on his social media handle on October 26, weeks before the Parliament security breach on December 13, Wednesday.
He posted further in Bengali, "What India needs today is a bomb. It needs a strong voice against tyranny, injustice and anarchy."
Lalit made similar inflammatory posts on his social media, Delhi Police said.
In another post, dated November 5, Lalit wrote that whoever talks about livelihood and rights, regardless of who he is, is labelled a 'communist'.
Lalit Jha's social media are full of similar inflammatory posts, as a reason the Special Cell is investigating Lalit's social media links.
The Special Cell said it was also probing whom Lalit was in touch with on social media, adding that it was also investigating if the alleged security breach mastermind was speaking to others on social media and, if so, what was said.
The Special Cell said it had reasons to believe that Lalit would mislead people with the help of social media.
Further, according to sources in Delhi Police, Lalit has been 'misleading' the investigators since being arrested after a manhunt.
The Special Cell has also written to the telecom service provider, seeking information about Lalit and the other four accused persons.
The Special Cell team is conducting an on-ground verification of the leads that they have received from Lalit, sources in Delhi Police said.
Further, according to sources, most of what has so far been elicited from the accused mastermind has turned out to be 'just words' aimed at misleading the investigators.
Earlier, Delhi Police sources revealed that Lalit destroyed five mobile phones before coming to Delhi, adding that he was misleading the investigating team.
According to Delhi Police, Lalit destroyed not four but five mobile phones after fleeing to Rajasthan's Kuchaman, according to sources. The fifth accused and mastermind in the Parliament security breach case, Lalit is alleged to have burnt the mobile phones of his associates along with his friend Mahesh after fleeing to Kuchaman, the sources added.
Ahead of the incident, all four accused had handed over their mobile phones to Jha to ensure that crucial leads in the case didn't fall into the hands of the investigators, sources said, adding that the accused had been anticipating their arrest.
In Kuchaman, Jha met his friend Mahesh, who got him a room for the night, police sources said, adding that both had met through Facebook, as revealed by Jha during his interrogation.

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