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What did Suniel Shetty say about the recent South vs Bollywood row and the marriage rumours about his daughter? Read to know more…

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Suniel Shetty has kept a low profile ever since he took a step back from actively doing films. The actor has rarely endorsed a brand or starred in an advertisement. This time, the actor chose to come out of his quiet life as he is now the ambassador of the real estate brand, Meraki. The announcement was made at a press event which was attended by the actor and the dignitaries of the brand.

While talking to the media, Shetty was asked about his views on the ongoing row of South films vs Bollywood to which the actor wittily replied, “With the coming of the OTT platform, you must have realised that language does not matter, it is the content that does. The difference between Bollywood and South is the audience. The audience is deciding which film they want to watch and which film is bad. The only problem with Bollywood is that somewhere down the line, we have forgotten the audience. We are not catering to them. Heroism has died down. 70% of India is the whistleblowing audience, so it is the content that needs to work. But Bollywood will always be Bollywood. But finally, what remains concrete is that content is king, be it north, south, east or west.”

The actor was further questioned about the rumours of Athiya Shetty getting married to KL Rahul. To which, he replied humorously, “She is my daughter, I’d want her to get married! The sooner the better.” Coming to a serious note, he stated that getting married is their choice. “As far as Rahul is concerned, I love the boy. Beti Bete jitni hi responsible hai so I am going to leave it up to her to decide when she wants to get married,” the actor added. Suniel Shetty’s comments on Athiya and KL Rahul come as a confirmation about their relationship which the couple has refused to address directly.

Has Suniel Shetty’s views on South vs Bollywood settled the debate or intensified it even further? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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