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We fulfilled five guarantees given to people during 100 days of Cong govt: CM Sukhu

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on the completion of 100 days of the state government said the Congress government has so far fulfilled five guarantees given to the people and will fulfil the others in a phased manner
Addressing a media conference in Shimla on Tuesday, he said that the Congress government is committed to fulfilling all the promises and guarantees made to the people. "We have completed 100 days of the government, I would like to congratulate my colleagues in cabinet, the officials and employees who contributed to the changes towards the transformation of the System in the state. The budget presented recently in the assembly has brought hopes high to the people of the state. We are here not to enjoy the powers but to transform the system," said the Chief Minister.

He said the previous government has left the state in debt and despite that, they have opened the institutions without any budget and staff arrangements.
"We saw the 920 institutions were opened, which includes schools, hospitals and they were without staff. In some hospitals, there were single people, and schools were opened in Panchayat Bhawan without a single staff. We are trying to bring financial discipline and improve the fiscal health of the state. We have brought Uniformity to end VIP culture and also are trying to increase resources.," Sukhu added.
He said that Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has also appreciated the efforts of the Himachal Pradesh government.
"We are committed to our promises to the people of the state. We shall start new schemes for pure drinking water where UB rais will be used to purify water. We have received calls from the regional office of Road and transport and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari himself has appreciated the efforts of Himachal Pardesh for speeding up files for development projects," he said.

He said that the state government has Five flagship program which includes Tourism, Hydro and green energy, Education, Health and Industry, and food processing.
"In the education sector, we shall start Day Boarding Schools. We want to promote tourism, a study was conducted and we decided to declare Kangra as the tourism capital of the state. We shall come up with new schemes for Pangi, Lahaul-Spiti, and Kinnaur too. We have taken steps and small majors for this, we decided to bring the MLAs and general public to an equal level in order charges at the Himachal Bhawans. We brought the Mukhayamantri Sukh Ashray Yojana for orphans and we want to bring them into the mainstream," he said.
"We have started the old Pension Scheme to all 1Lakh 36 thousand employees. We are ready to give any format for employees for OPS. We shall stop contributions for NPS from April first this year. We decided to forestation and plant trees in dry areas and head towards a green state. The 1500 rupees per month have been started for women in the state in a phased manner in which 21Lakh 31thousand women have been taken in a phased manner. We decided to bring schemes in our first budget for the poor and social security to the weaker section," Sukhu added.
He said that the government is keeping every sector in the state.
"For farmers, we have started a scheme for Kisan Loan at the interest of 2 percent interest. We shall streamline our economy in four years. We shall start the green corridor," he said.
"We want to start 1000mW solar energy in the state and youth will get employment. The government will buy energy, We are getting into Green hydrogen and we shall become a leading state and very soon we shall bring an agreement for We are coming up with new law to curb the drugs," said the Chief Minister. (ANI)

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