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'We didn't give country inflation, unemployment': Rahul's jibe at BJP

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday, took a jibe at the BJP, citing the issues of inflation and unemployment in the country.
Taking to Facebook, Rahul Gandhi said, "BJP asks us what have we done in 70 years? We didn't give the country inflation and unemployment as much as BJP has given." "Today India is grappling with its highest unemployment in 45 years, and 42 out of 100 youth have no income or livelihood. The citizens of the country never went through this level of inflation. Everything from ration to fuel is expensive. Neither people are able to eat properly, nor able to travel anywhere," he added.
The Congress leader accused the government of caring for its 'capitalist friends' and not for the people of the country.

"There can only be two reasons behind it. Wither the government is unable to perform its job, or it doesn't care for the public. The truth is, this government can do anything for their 'capitalist friends', but neither does it care for the country and nor the people of this country," he wrote.
He further said that the party aims to change this and unite the country, giving an apparent reference to 'Bharat Jodo Yatra'.
"We have to change this. We have to unite the country, and ask questions from the government," he added.
The Congress' 'Bharat Jodo Yatra' entered its Uttar Pradesh leg on Tuesday afternoon, from the Marghat Hanuman temple in Delhi.
On Thursday, it resumed from Shamli's Ailum village in Uttar Pradesh. The yatra is expected to cross Uttar Pradesh inthree days before re-entering Haryana on January 6. The yatra entered Uttar Pradesh from Delhi via Loni. (ANI)

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