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Was Sharad Pawar really also a part of the plan?

New Delhi: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has made a big claim. He has said that NCP supremo Sharad Pawar was aware of this plan, rather he was a part of the plan, after the 2019 assembly elections, when he took oath as Chief Minister and Ajit Pawar as Deputy Chief Minister. Fadnavis has said that he took oath only after Sharad Pawar’s consent. Sharad Pawar has categorically denied this. He has said that he considered Fadnavis a cultured and good man but he is spreading lies. Whoever is aware of the events of November 23, 2019, knows how hurt and angry Sharad Pawar was after this incident and how he did the operation to reunite the MLAs of his party with him.

The entire sequence of events indicates that Sharad Pawar was not aware of this. If Sharad Pawar had to play this game, he would have done it openly, as he did in 2014. Keep in mind that even in the 2014 assembly elections, the BJP did not get a majority and the Shiv Sena did not support it in forming the government. Then BJP formed the government only with the external support of NCP. So if Pawar had to support the BJP, he could have done so openly. Anyway, the way Sharad Pawar became active immediately after the oath of Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar on the morning of 23 November and turned the tables within three days, it does not seem that he was a part of this plan.

Anyway, if he was a part of the plan and did not allow the government to be formed then Fadnavis and BJP leaders would have exposed him at the same time. But nobody said anything then. Now after three years, Fadnavis is ‘laying it bare’. In fact, when Sharad Pawar made Ajit Pawar the Deputy Chief Minister in the MVA, this discussion is going on since then. Now Fadnavis has given air to this thing with a special purpose. He wants to create mistrust between Congress and Shiv Sena regarding Pawar. He is doing this to increase the contradictions within the Aghadi.

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