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"Want to serve people, maybe through Rajya Sabha...": Robert Vadra

New Delhi: After being denied a ticket from the Amethi seat, businessman Robert Vadra on Thursday hinted at joining politics as a Rajya Sabha member, saying that he will surely join active politics after some time.
Vadra told ANI, "I do not want to come to politics to give a reply to anyone. I want to serve the people of the country, so maybe it is through the Rajya Sabha. I will keep working for the people across the country and will travel to Amethi, Raebareli, and Morabadad, as it makes me very happy to get their blessings. So I will surely join active politics after some time."
Further, coming down hard on Prime Minister Modi over his remark on 'Mangalsutra', Vadra said that it does not suit a person sitting on such a high point talking like this.
"What he says about Mangalsutra is not at the level of a prime minister. That's why I don't expect him to come back to power. Whatever they allege, they will not be able to prove it. Whatever Rahul and Priyanka say, it will be done. I know both. They are very hardworking. When he talked about population control regarding Muslims, he too had 6-7 brothers and sisters. People have become wiser now. We do not want any power or chairs. We want this country to not be lost and people's lives to improve. We do not do politics of show-off," he added.
On being asked if there was any miscommunication between Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Robert Vadra said that no power can change any dynamic between them.
"Never. I've not seen any kind of issues with them at all. If they have any kind of argument, it's a healthy argument about how we can do something better for the country. No position and no power can change any kind of dynamic between them or even me. People supposed that I was very upset because I didn't get to fight in Amethi. It has no meaning to me. I don't see any kind of issue between any people in the family. We will work together for the whole country," Robert Vadra said.
Earlier, posters featuring Robert Vadra appeared outside the party's office in the Gauriganj area of Amethi.
Congress however named Rahul Gandhi as its candidate from the traditional Gandhi family stronghold of Raebareli, while KL Sharma will contest against Union Minister Smriti Irani from Amethi in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

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