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"Want govt to take us into confidence": Congress leader Shashi Tharoor demands discussion on Tawang clash

New Delhi: Congress leader and former Union Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday said that the Centre must address the issues on the LAC with China and provide answers to the people.
Stating that the government is accountable to the people, Tharoor said that the opposition parties are asking for a discussion on the issue in the house. Alleging that all parties were united and standing us for the nation and the security of the country he said, "We want the government to take us into confidence, and the people of India into confidence about what they (centre) are seeing on the border."

The Kerala MP claimed that there have been reports in the media about the India-China disputes over the past two and a half years however no account has been given in a serious manner to the house.
Bringing out Nehru's full-scale discussion in the Lok Sabha when the war was raging with China in 1962, Tharoor demanded clarifications from the centre and actions from the BJP along the same lines.
"People should be aware of what the issues are and what the stakes are," he said.
The Kerala PM applauded the Indian Army for its courage in the recent incident at the Tawang sector and said, "There was no question of criticizing the army, the question is about the political leadership of the country." (ANI)

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