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Vicky Kaushal reveals how the box office game has changed since the pandemic: people have made things simple

Mumbai (Maharashtra): It is a great feeling for Vicky Kaushal to be able to perform the typical Bollywood masala in Govinda Naam Mera. For the first time in his career, the actor who is known for his intense roles delivered a masala entertainment film. Audiences and critics alike have praised the actor's sincere acting chops and serious choice of stories and characters in his films so far. Govinda Naam Mera was a U-turn from his usual roles that tested his acting skills.

During an interview, Vicky spoke about how he came to be part of Govinda Naam Mera, a dance film he described as a "fun concoction." He also provided his thoughts on how the box office game has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic and why it is so easy to determine whether a film will succeed at the box office.

Streaming platforms have been Vicky's main outlet for recent releases, including Govinda Naam Mera. In response to a question about whether he recognizes Bollywood is experiencing stress at the box office, Vicky says the audience has made it clear that they want only good films in cinemas, no matter what the genre, what the star, or what the language.

He said, "I think good films are working. People, in fact, have made it very simple. If you see the graph, they’ve made it so simple, that if the film resonates with them, no matter what the language, genre or scale is, they will give it a lot of love. The audience has made it very simple, that humein picture acchhi lagni chaahiye. You see a Bhool Bhulaiya (2), KGF (2) or RRR, Drishyam (2), none of them fall in the same box, they’re neither the same language, genre nor scale, they didn’t even have the same marketing plan. Even three year ago it was directly proportional, app jitni marketing karoge, utni aapki film chalegi, but it’s not like that anymore. Today, if people like a film, they just take it up."

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