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VHP demands CBI probe into Bhiwani deaths case, denies allegations of Bajrang Dal involvement

New Delhi: Vishva Hindu Parishad's working president Alok Kumar on Sunday demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the Bhiwani deaths case and said that the allegations of the involvement of Bajrang Dal in the matter are false.
The VHP leader also lashed out at the political parties for "scoring political points" on the matter and said that AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi targeting the Bajrang Dal is wrong. Speaking to ANI, Alok Kumar said, "There is a difference between murder and suicide. There is no place for violence in democracy. The incident should be investigated with full seriousness. The culprits should be caught. Whoever they are should be punished. But some people are scoring political points, which is wrong. Asaduddin Owaisi is targeting the Bajrang Dal sitting in Hyderabad. It is wrong to assume anyone is guilty in this case without proof."

"We want the Haryana government to investigate this matter because we do not agree with the investigation that the Rajasthan government is doing. There should be a fair investigation into the matter, that's why this matter should be handed over to the CBI," he added.
The VHP leader said that a conspiracy was hatched to defame Bajrang Dal at a time when the investigation into the matter is underway.
"FIR regarding this matter is taking place in Rajasthan. A conspiracy was hatched to defame Bajrang Dal, while the matter is still under investigation. Whether Bajrang Dal has its hand in the crime or not will be known only after the police investigation. But some people are working to defame Bajrang Dal in this matter. But Vishwa Hindu Parishad believes that Bajrang Dal has no hand in this whole matter," he said.
Owaisi on Saturday condemned the alleged killing of two men in Haryana's Bhiwani and said that they were inhuman killings by a so-called 'Gau-Rakshak' gang.

"I condemn in the strongest words the killing of Junaid and Nasir by an organised gang in Haryana. One boy named Monu in the incident is patronised by the BJP govt in Haryana. They're responsible for this incident. This is an inhuman killing of Junaid and Nasir by a so-called 'Gau-Rakshak' gang. These people are supported by BJP-RSS," Owaisi said.
Meanwhile, talking about the arrest of the accused in the killing of two men in Haryana's Bhiwani, police said that one person named Rinku Saini was arrested.
On February 16 (Thursday) morning Haryana Police recovered two charred skeletons inside an SUV car near Barawas village in Haryana's Bhiwani district. The car had also been set on fire.
"Two skeletons were found in a charred Bolero in Loharu, Bhiwani district, at 8 am (Thursday). There are chances that both victims died either due to a fire that broke out in the vehicle or were burnt to death," Loharu Deputy Superintendant of Police Jagat Singh More said on Thursday.
A police team reached the spot with Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team experts to investigate the case and collect evidence. (ANI)

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