Wednesday, August, 17,2022

Varun Gandhi in search of a new image!

Pilibhit: BJP MP from Pilibhit seat of Uttar Pradesh, Varun Gandhi has initiated a bid to carve out a new avatar. He had left the avatar of a dedicated BJP MP long ago and started putting his own party’s government in the dock on policy issues. He wrote a very good book about agriculture and farming economy in India and also supported the farmers’ movement and received wide support for this. But now he has gone beyond the previous stand and has donned a new avatar. This avatar is somewhat similar to the Corona period avatar of film actor Sonu Sood.

Keep in mind Sonu Sood had helped thousands of people during the Corona period. From sending people to their homes to arranging for oxygen cylinders and essential medicines and providing jobs to the youth sitting idle, he played the role of the messiah. Now, Varun Gandhi is also playing a similar role. The difference is that he has chosen a specific class to help i.e. the youth. He has launched a campaign on social media that the examinations for the jobs in the states should be held on time and their results should come out on time. He is also raising the issue that the youth should be given the facility to reach the examination centres. Varun is making arrangements for those participants who do not have the means or are facing difficulty in reaching the examination centers. Youngsters are openly expressing their needs to Varun and he is fulfilling it and giving information about it.

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