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'Vada Pav' girl not arrested, no case registered: Delhi Police respond to viral video

New Delhi: After a video of a vada pav seller being 'arrested' by police officials went viral on social media, Delhi police on Saturday responded to the videos, saying that the woman was not arrested, and no case has been registered against her.
According to officials, Chandrika Dixit, popularly known as 'vada pav' girl, has been running a food stall in the Mangolpuri area of outer Delhi.
A few days ago, she had posted a video showing an altercation between her and locals while she was organizing a community feast near her stall.
Officials said that the feast led to a huge gathering near her stall, which hampered traffic in the area.
The police had received complaints from residents about the traffic jam in the area.
Following the complaint, a team of police reached there and took Dixit to the police station.
"When there was a huge crowd at her cart and a complaint was made against her, at that time she was detained for some time. There was no case registered against the vada pav seller, and she was not arrested," the police said.

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