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Uttarakhand Govt waives off electric and water bills of locals affected in Joshimath

Chamoli: Electricity and water bills of the local residents affected in Joshimath Land Subsidence have been waived on Sunday by the Uttarakhand Government at the orders issued on the instructions of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami.
Significantly, in the cabinet meeting convened regarding the Joshimath disaster, it was decided that the bills of the affected people would be waived for the next six months from November 2022. The orders in this regard were issued on Sunday. Chamoli District Magistrate (DM) Himanshu Khurana on Friday said various cracks had been noticed in 868 buildings of Joshimath.
Taking to social media, DM Himanshu tweeted, "Cracks have been noticed in 868 buildings of Joshimath. Out of these, 181 buildings are in unsafe areas. The dismantling work of Hotel Mount View and Malari Inn is in its final stage."
Himanshu Khurana also said that 878 members of 243 disaster-affected families are in relief camps and basic facilities are being provided to them.
"Relief amount of 515.80 lakhs has been distributed to the families hit by subsidence in Joshimath. The amount distributed is advanced relief for damaged buildings, special rehabilitation package, a one-time special grant for transportation of goods, and for the purpose of immediate needs and purchase of household items," he added.
"A total of 878 members of 243 disaster-affected families are in relief camps. Basic facilities like food, drinking water, and medicine are being made available to the affected people in the relief camps," further informing DM Khurana tweeted. (ANI)

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