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Uttarakhand: Committee formed to work on draft of Uniform Civil Code, says CM Dhami

Uttarkashi: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Friday while attending a 'Bissu Mela' program in Jakhol, Uttarkashi reiterated that the Uniform Civil Code will be implemented in the state which is considered the 'spiritual and cultural hub' and a committee has been formed for it.

He said, "Uttarakhand is a state of Ganges. It is a spiritual and cultural hub. We aim to implement the Uniform Civil Code here. We have taken the decision of forming a committee including policy and law experts that will be forming a draft regarding the code."

He added, "It is the people who have chosen to get the code implemented as they all voted the party to power, aware of the plans of implementing the same in the second term of the Dhami government."
He added, that people belonging to different communities, and religions will be treated equally and the same policy, law, and order will be followed for all.

He also added that "We will give three cylinders free of cost to poor families in the state."
Targetting at the opposition, Dhami added, "Some talked of giving five cylinders but they have not given anything as such in the states ruled by them."
He further added that both the elderly members of the family in the state will be given pension instead of one getting the benefits."

Aiming at being one of the best states in the country, when the state turns 25 years old in 2025, Dhami said "We all have to all work together for it."
Bissu Mela is celebrated on the Shukla paksha Saptami or the seventh day of the waxing cycle of the moon. This is one of the fairs and festivals of Uttarakhand celebrated for a week in the month of March and April. It is celebrated once a year to show gratitude for a good harvest. (ANI)

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