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Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi performs 'Kanya Pujan' in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur: On the occasion of 'Navami', the ninth day of Navratri in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, performed 'Kanya Pujan' and offered prayers to 'Matri Shakti' (mother power) by washing the feet of maidens in Gorakhpur on Tuesday.
"The CM also performed 'Aarti', served food to the girls and gave them 'Dakshina' (donations) and gifts while seeking their blessings. Following the tradition, the Chief Minister also performed Batuk Puja," read a statement by CMO. Batuk Puja (young boys) were also included in the prayers as per tradition on the occasion of Navmi and the boys received donations from the CM.
On occasion, the Chief Minister also interacted with the children while performing the Puja.

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At the same time, the children also expressed their happiness and enthusiasm at being greeted by the Chief Minister himself.
The grand Vijayadashami procession will be taken out at 4 pm onward with CM Yogi seated on the chariot with the blessings of Guru Gorakshanath.
"The procession of Gorakshpeethadhishwar will reach Mansarovar temple amidst the sounds of trumpets, drums and bands where he will worship Devadhidev Mahadev and other deities at the Mansarovar temple attached to the Gorakshpeeth," it added.
Later, the CM's procession will reach Mansarovar Ramlila Maidan where he will perform the coronation of Lord Ram at the ongoing Ramlila here. Aarti will also be performed after offering prayers to Lord Ram, Mata Janaki, Lakshman and Hanumanji.
Subsequently, the procession will return to Gorakhnath temple where from 7 pm onward, distribution of traditional prasad will be organised in front of Digvijaynath Smriti Bhavan.
"CM Yogi will also settle disputes of saints at Gorkashpeeth. According to the tradition of Nathpanth, every year on the occasion of Vijayadashami, the disputes of saints are settled by the Peethadheeshwar in Gorakhnath temple," the statement added. (ANI)

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