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UP: Two killed in boiler explosion at Meerut's tyre factory

Meerut: In a tragic incident, two individuals lost their lives and four others were injured in a boiler explosion at the slug-tyre factory in Meerut's Phitkari village on Tuesday morning, police said.
The incident occurred early this morning at Durga Enterprises, a tyre factory equipped with two boilers.
The explosion unleashed chemicals from the ruptured boiler, leading to the immediate death of two workers and causing critical injuries to four others.
Local police and rescue teams rushed to the spot to evacuate trapped individuals and provide medical assistance.
The incident created panic among the individuals, prompting the forensic team and other investigative units to conduct a thorough examination to determine the causes behind the boiler explosion.
"Two people died due to a boiler explosion at the Durga Enterprises tyre factory. The police have reached the site. Our first priority is to ensure the safety of those injured in the incident. Further investigation in the matter is underway," said Meerut District Magistrate Deepak Meena.
The injured workers have been admitted to a nearby private hospital, where their conditions remain serious.
ASP Dehat Kamlesh Bahadur is monitoring the entire situation. Initial reports suggest a possible lapse in adhering to safety standards at the factory, which might have contributed to the tragic loss of two lives.
Further details are awaited.

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