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UP: Muslim BJP leader, who came into limelight by installing Ganesha statue at home, celebrated PM Modi's birthday by tilak with her blood

Aligarh: Bharatiya Janata Party leader Ruby Asif Khan, who came into the limelight by installing an idol of Lord Ganesha in her home, celebrated the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by cutting a cake and applying 'tilak' with blood on the PM's picture on Saturday.
Ruby Asif Khan is the same BJP leader who despite being a Muslim, had installed the idol of Lord Ganesha in her house and immersed it by law. After installing the Ganesh idol, she had also been attacked by the Maulana and a fatwa was also alleged against her. Ruby didn't care about those fatwas. Speaking to ANI, Ruby Asif Khan said, "I have celebrated Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday at my residence. After tilak with blood, cut the cake and fed him cake. Together with all of my Muslim brothers and sisters, we pray for his long life. Best wishes to God that he may have a long life and in the same way he should continue to run the country ahead, which he has ended the discrimination of the country today."
She further said that there has never been or will ever be another Prime Minister like him. They want that the PM should always remain the same and he did not discriminate between Hindus and Muslims and has ended the boundaries of all discrimination.
Earlier, she brought the idol to her residence as her family celebrates all festivals and her family members did not oppose her bringing the idol. (ANI)

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