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UP has no place for even those who sympathised with mafias: CM Yogi Aadityanath

Shamli: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who went on a campaign blitzkrieg on Monday slammed the previous state governments saying, "UP today has eliminated the presence of mafias and criminals and does not have a place for even those who sympathized with dreaded criminals that were a threat to society."
During the urban body election campaign in Shamli district, Yogi Adityanath said, "There is no place for a single person in UP today who even sympathizes with mafias and criminals. Those collecting 'Gunda Tax' are nowhere to be seen. The ones who used to impose curfews will come seeking votes, however, be careful and do not fall into their traps," adding, "Shamli-uzaffarnagar's youth that remained neglected earlier, today, are successfully being recruited." Continuing his attack on the opposition, CM said: "Recall Shamli's condition six years ago. There were no jobs, no electricity, people could not celebrate festivals, and there was 'Gunda Raj'. Out of 75, only four districts of UP used to get electricity, and the remaining 71 districts remained in darkness."
Yogi further said that there is no curfew in western UP today, with Kanwar Yatras taking place peacefully. "I am grateful to the women and sisters of western UP, who have made a maximum contribution in ensuring BJP's victory. The businessmen who migrated have returned. Traders, farmers, and daughters are living in an environment, which is free of fear. We will provide free electricity to farmers with private tube wells."

He urged people to choose between a casteist government like the one that existed prior to 2017 and a government that prioritizes the needs of the underprivileged. "Ever since the double-engine government was formed in UP, benefits of all government welfare schemes have reached every needy without any kind of discrimination," he said.
The CM pointed out that in six years, 54 lakh poor have been provided houses in the state while 2.61 crore poor people have got toilers and 10 crores have got benefited from the Ayushman Bharat scheme. The double-engine government is giving free ration to 15 crore poor people. On the other hand, infrastructural development in terms of the construction of highways and railways is being carried out.
The CM said that had there been a BJP board, the development would have increased at the speed of a bullet train. Despite this, about 17,000 houses were provided in the Shamli district. Under PM SVANidhi, 7233 street vendors were given interest-free loans from banks. More than 16,000 destitute women, over 8500 Divyangjans and 35,000 old people are also being given pensions. There are two lakh beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat in Shamli.
The CM defined Shamli before and after 2017 in the public meeting, saying that six years ago, there were riots and curfew in Shamli. According to him, neither the daughter was safe nor the mother were respected. There was politics of appeasement, however, in six years, traders have become safe and daughters empowered. "That means peace, security, harmony and prosperity have become our identity all around", Yogi remarked. (ANI)

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