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UP government initiates projects worth Rs 48,000 crore to create 14,000 jobs in Ayodhya, Varanasi and Mathura

Lucknow: The Yogi government aims to transform Ayodhya, Kashi, and Mathura into prominent employment hubs in Uttar Pradesh, with projects exceeding Rs 48,000 crore initiated through a groundbreaking ceremony, GBC 4.0. Approximately 14,000 job opportunities are expected across these three temple cities, particularly in the tourism and hospitality sectors.
In Ayodhya, projects worth around Rs 13,000 crores include real estate and commercial ventures by Abhinandan Lodha House, a Tourist Facilitation Centre by PKH Ventures Ltd., a paper manufacturing unit by Pakka Limited, a luxury hotel by Innovators Digital Ads Pvt. Ltd., and a private industrial park by Crescendo Interiors, according to a release from the Chief Minister's Office (CMO).
While another company, Pakka Limited is setting up a paper manufacturing unit in Ayodhya at a cost of Rs 550 crore, potentially creating over 600 jobs, Innovators Digital Ads Pvt. Ltd. is constructing a luxury star category hotel in the city at a cost of Rs 510 crore, providing employment for 100 people.
Additionally, Crescendo Interiors is building a private industrial park at a cost of Rs 500 crore, which will create employment for more than 100 people in the city.
Similarly, Varanasi, known as the city of Lord Shiva, has witnessed the initiation of around 277 projects with a total investment of approximately Rs 19,250 crore, of which the top 5 projects alone are expected to provide employment for more than 1500 people.
The Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) is investing Rs 500 crores for the establishment of Research and Development (R&D) facilities and Fabrication/Manufacturing/Testing facilities for the company's existing and emerging business areas (mechanical, Products/Systems). This initiative is expected to create 225 jobs, the CMO release said.
Similarly, Roma Builders and Promoters Pvt. Ltd is starting a mixed development project based on a 5-star resort with wellness center, fruit farms, clubhouses, and housing societies. With an investment of Rs 500 crores, this project is expected to provide employment for 300 people.
Moreover, Gajadhar Technosys LLP is spending Rs 350 crores on housing projects that will provide employment for 300 people in Kashi. Ansh Nirman Pvt. Ltd is investing Rs 275 crores in a residential group housing project and commercial mall, creating job opportunities for 200 people.
Furthermore, JS Residency Pvt Ltd will establish a hotel at the cost of Rs 250 crores in Varanasi, which will provide employment opportunities for 500 people.
Like Ayodhya and Varanasi, Mathura too has witnessed the implementation of 415 projects worth around Rs 16,600 crore, of which the top five are expected to create employment for over 11,000 people in Lord Krishna's birthplace.
As per this, Air Liquide North India Pvt. Ltd. is establishing a state-of-the-art Air Separation Unit for industries and hospitals in Mathura with an investment of Rs 3,075 crore. This unit, designed to produce liquid oxygen (including medical oxygen) 305 TPD, liquid nitrogen at 45 TPD, and liquid argon at 12 TPD, will be modern, fully automated, and environmentally friendly. It is expected to provide employment for 50 people.
Similarly, Bennison is setting up a hotel at a cost of Rs 1310 crore, creating several job opportunities. Keshav Publications Pvt Ltd has initiated manufacturing of products such as stationery, electrical items and plastic products. With an investment of Rs 1250 crores, it aims to provide employment for 10,000 people, the release said.
In addition to this, IFP Petro Products is establishing a lubricating oil refining plant at the cost of Rs 1100 crores, and creating job opportunities for 700 people. Avadi Industries Pvt Ltd is setting up an ACSR Conductors manufacturing unit with an investment of Rs 500 crore, which will provide employment for 400 people in Mathura.
The GBC 4.0 has also seen the initiation of a total of 902 projects worth Rs 77,312 crore in the other four religious sites of UP, namely, Prayagraj, Chitrakoot, Naimisharanya (Sitapur) and Bareilly. This is likely to create thousands of jobs. Through the top 5 projects in these four religious sites, more than 12,500 jobs are expected to be provided.
In Prayagraj, Varun Beverages (Rs 1053 crores), DND India (Rs 600 crore), Omex Ltd (Rs 600 crore), Shourya Naturopathy and Resorts India Pvt Ltd (Rs 500 crore), and JK Cem (Rs 400 crore) are jointly creating around 2500 jobs.
Similarly, in the religious site Chitrakoot, Tusco Ltd (Rs 4700 crore), Sahstrabhuj Food Products Pvt Ltd (Rs 500 crore), Varun Beverages Ltd (Rs 496 crore), Shree Cement Pvt Ltd (Rs 202 crore), and Jay Bulb Company Ltd. (Rs 300 crore) will generate approximately 1900 employment opportunities.
In the sacred land of sages, 'Naimisharanya' in Sitapur district, Greenlam South Ltd (Rs 1500 crores), Century Plywoods India Ltd (Rs 1500 crores), RAV Global Solutions Pvt Ltd (Rs 200 crores), Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd (Rs 170 crores), and The Seksaria Biswan Sugar Factory Ltd (Rs 132 crores) will generate more than 6000 jobs.
Meanwhile, in Bareilly, famous as 'Nath Nagari', IFFCO (Rs 638 crores), Singh Enterprises (Rs 605 crores), Rinku Dairy Prop (Rs 490 crores), Realplywoods LLP (Rs 408 crores), and Dhamapur Bio Organics Ltd (Rs 350 crores) together are expected to provide job opportunities for around 3000 people.

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