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Until we see a fracture in President Putin's will, Russia-Ukraine war will continue: Australian Defence Forces chief

New Delhi: Chief of the Australian Defence Forces General Angus Campbell on Friday said that according to his assessment, until we see a fracture in President Vladimir Putin's will, the Russia-Ukraine war is going to continue.
While speaking at the Panel discussion "The Old, The New and The Unconventional: Assessing Contemporary Conflicts," General Campbell termed Russia's invasion of Ukraine as an "illegal, unjust and outrageous invasion." He said, "This clash of wills at present has shown and demonstrated some extraordinary success by the Ukrainian armed forces and the Ukrainian people. Extraordinary and centred on it is an utter determination to resist and to see their country free of Russian presence and domination. But until we see a fracture in the will, and, from my perspective, a fracture in President Putin's will, unfortunately, this war is going to continue. This is my assessment."
He also stated that this conflict is a disaster for the people of Ukraine. Australian Defence Chief was impressed by a wide coalition of nations who've come to support Ukraine, whether diplomatically or materially, humanitarian or in lethal arms. "But until will changes, I think this war is going to continue," Campbell added.

Recalling Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen's statement "if Russia ceases to fight, the war ends. If Ukraine ceases to fight, Ukraine ends," General Campbell said that the Ukrainian nation unified, under extraordinary leadership and with a will determined to resist. He further stated that he did not see any change yet in the intent to prosecute at whatever cost, to Russia's own forces, and the people of Ukraine, being shown by President Vladimir Putin in his determination to continue to prosecute this conflict.
Talking about the de-facto NATO vs Russia war, the Australian Army Chief said, "Not at all. Not at all. This is a Ukrainian defence of Ukraine. And, yes, members of NATO and members of the wider international community, such as Australia and other countries from the Indo-Pacific are seeking to assist Ukraine and their capacity to resist and defend. But this is not a war as you have characterized it, which I think not wishing to impugn your comment, but it is a comment that is comfortably played by President Putin and those who support his regime."
"To suggest in some way that an international coalition has attacked their own country, which is rubbish. This is an unprovoked attack on an independent sovereign nation by a brutal regime," he added.
He also stated, "there is an extraordinary campaign to create the narrative of Russia as a victim, Russia as being the defender and that is rubbish." (ANI)

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