Wednesday, October, 27,2021

Union Govt solving non-existing ‘problems’?

New Delhi: It is a wonder of the Indian government that it does not accept any problem, but claims to fight it with all its might.

For example, the government did not accept that China has entered India’s border, but it is also committed to removing Chinese troop’s presence.

The govt does not accept that inflation is increasing but also claims to take all measures to check inflation.

The govt did not accept the lack of oxygen in the second wave of the corona epidemic, but also expressed its resolve to ensure the availability of oxygen.

Similarly, the govt is not accepting the shortage of coal and the power crisis, but has also said that we are working with full force to ensure the supply of coal.

The coal shortage and power crisis are real. In Maharashtra, 13 units of thermal power have stopped due to shortage of coal.

The Punjab govt has started a three-hour power cut every day for three days from Monday. GOI’s PSU GAIL, warned the Bawana Power Plant of a supply shutdown in two days. Tata Power Limited writes letter to customers in Delhi  warning about the crisis.

UP’s Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma publicly acknowledged the coal and power crisis. Nevertheless, the Union Energy Minister said in a press conference that there is no crisis.

Just imagine, it is not a problem but it will be dealt with, with full force.

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