Tuesday, December, 06,2022

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UFF! LPG costlier by ₹ 25, toll by ₹ 5

In a setback to the LPG consumers, the prices of domestic cylinder were again hiked by ₹ 25 on Wednesday, second times in the last 15 days.

The prices of commercial cylinders have been increased by ₹ 75. After this hike, LPG will be available from Wednesday for ₹ 888.50, while commercial cylinder will be available for ₹ 1,715.

This is the 7th increase in the prices of LPG since the beginning of 2021. Earlier on August 16, companies had increased the prices of domestic cylinders by ₹ 25. At the same time, on July 1, the price was hiked by ₹ 25.50 per cylinder.

The Central Government has also stopped the subsidy given on LPG after the lockdown in April 2020.

The increasing cooking gas price has been increased by ₹ 25 this time, the prices were increased 15 days back also. Due to the pandemic, our salary has been slashed which has already affected our family budget.

We can still afford buying the LPG but the ones who are not financially sound will switch to other mediums of cooking.—Anju Kakkar, a homemaker from Tonk

Increasing the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG cylinders again, the Modi government has made it clear that they are not concerned about the problems of the common people.—Krishna Kakkar, a homemaker from Jaipur

Price rise would hit calculations for monthly expenses in our household again. The domestic budget would get disturbed and put financial stress.—Neelam Sharma, a homemaker from Jaipur

Due to increase in gas prices every now and then the public is facing trouble. It’s becoming difficult for common people to buy a cylinder worth ₹ 888. The govt should reduce prices. —Neetu, a homemaker from Jaipur

Pandemic has already taken a toll on the normal living of people, increase in petrol prices have added glitches and now the hike in LPG prices is surely going to burn a hole in people’s pocket.

In this century, when there is a need for advancement, people are being forced to leave gas cylinders and head back to wood & coal. Only providing subsidies is not enough, the Government should take some measures to stop price hikes. —Payal Sahita, a corporate employee

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