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Trolls compare Brahmastra trailer to Captain Planet

Brahmastra Part One: Shiva trailer dropped today and Bollywood fans have been enthralled by the visual treat ever since. A serve for the VFX nerds, the film shows a world filled with godly powers encased in the form of weapons, a devilish Mouni Roy who is not only terrifying but absolutely beautiful in her antagonist avatar, a stellar star cast including Nagarjuna Garu and Amitabh Bachchan and of course, the sizzling chemistry of the lead couple, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

But not many are impressed by this massive saga film and have taken their seats to mercilessly troll the film on the internet. Several found the introduction of the trailer similar to the theme song of the American 90s cartoon ‘Captain Planet’.

The trailer starts with Amitabh Bachchan’s voiceover, “Water, wind, fire. Since ancient times there exist among us energies which have been harnessed into Astras. This is a story about the lord of all the Astras- the Brahmastra, and about one young man who must discover that the destiny of the Brahmastra depends on him – Shiva.”

The theme song of Captain Planet also starts on a similar note where the mention of fire, water, wind and earth is noted. “Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! Go planet! By your powers combined, I am captain planet!”, the theme song starts.

“so basically this brahmastra is indian version of captain planet, okay got it”, one of the troll wrote. While another stated, “So, India is getting is its own Captain planet movie. Agni, Vayu, Jal, Dharti and Dil. #BrahmastraTrailer #Brahmastra”. “The new Captain Planet trailer looks great!”, one user tweeted with the trailer of Brahmastra.









It has become a habit of the Indian elite class to troll whatever content that is being made by Bollywood and compare it to the ‘mighty’ Hollywood. So, in this matter, are trolls being unreasonable or does the trailer genuinely resemble Captain Planet?

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