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TROLLED! Aryan Khan spotted at a nightclub in Mumbai causes an uproar on social media

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Aryan Khan caused quite a storm after he was arrested by the NCB in a drugs-related case last year. The star kid finally became free of all charges earlier in July and was even returned his passport. Not a month has gone by since then and the 24-year-old was spotted at a posh nightclub in Mumbai, partying hard with his friends.

A video of Aryan was posted online which saw him in a black t-shirt and black mask. He pulled down the mask to have his drink in a single gulp and pulled it up again. The video went viral online and became a source of scrutiny for the eldest Khan sibling. However, many came in support of him and dismissed the trolls by telling them to leave him alone.



While many pointed out that he has not learned his lesson and that he should mend his ways, several others stated that it is his life and he can live it the way he wants. While a troll commented, “ab toh sudhar jaa”, another netizen came in support saying, “Let him enjoy. Ur not or rest paying his bills”.

Aryan Khan was arrested by the NCB in October last year and was charged with the consumption and trafficking of drugs. After being in custody for more than two weeks, he was released on bail. Aryan was given a clean chit by the NCB earlier in July after the investigation team failed to procure any evidence against him. He was later returned his passport by the officials.

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