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Trinetri Mishra: from Gorakhpur to the world of glamour

Mumbai (Maharashtra): It is hard to make a living for yourself in the world of entertainment and modelling. The fashion industry is swarmed with youngsters with aspirations and dreams; to make yours come true, is truly a task. But Trinetri Mishra has not only done some amazing work as a model but she is finding her ground as an actor too. Revealing how she got introduced to the world of modelling, Trinetri said, “When I was in 9th -10th class, I used to watch films and serials and wish to do something in that field.”

Tracing her journey from a small town to now being a model and an actor, Trinetri recalled, “I shifted to Kanpur from my hometown, Gorakhpur and increased my friend circle. There were some pictures of me that my mother loved and she encouraged me to try modelling. I came to Mumbai on her insistence and my work began increasing slowly and after a while, I got into acting as well.”

With a background in theatre, Trinetri is someone who has done several serials on television. Right from the very famous Kulfi Kumar Bajewala to Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji and Aapke Aa Jane Se, she has worked on several projects and continues to do so. “I hopefully have a Mahesh Bhatt movie almost fixed and I even got a call from Vishal Bharadwaj sir. So, I hope that is done successfully,” she added.

Talking about the pros and cons of the entertainment industry what she would tell an amateur person is that the entertainment industry is not bad, the people who are in it are. “If you keep the patience and tell them you cannot do compromising work for the sake of your career, then you may hit setbacks but will one day find someone who appreciates only talent. You just have to keep in mind that you will not become a star, overnight. Always listen to your heart because I was once told that nothing can be done without compromise and yet I am here.”

Trinetri reveals that models have started losing their touch of fame as they have no boundaries left. “Actors present themselves through their acting skills and earlier, models used to present themselves through fashion. Now, the fashion element has gone. It does not matter where they are, they just wear whatever they want. Such criteria matter a lot, which is why fan following of models has decreased over time.”

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