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Top ABP Anchor Rubika Liyaquat to join Bharat24 as Vice-President

New Delhi: Renowned Anchor and Senior Journalist, Rubika Liyaquat, who was associated with ABP news for over 5 years, is joining Bharat24-Vision of New India, as VicePresident. The CEO & Editor- in- Chief, Bharat24-Vision of New India, Dr Jagdeesh Chandra has confirmed this development and said that she has accepted the offer.

Rubika needs no introduction, she is one of the most sought after faces of the Indian media industry. She is wellknown for her excellent journalism skills, confidence, and her eye for precision.

Being on top of her career, Rubika decided to join Bharat 24, as it is the fastest growing National Hindi news channel in the country. Channel’s growth plans are extremely robust looking at the upcoming general elections and other state elections.

Since its inception on August 15, 2022, Bharat24, has focussed on becoming a ‘truly’ National channel with its underlying theme of ‘Jahan Tak Bharat, Wahan Tak Bharat24’. Today the channel is breaking over 1,000 news stories every day and highlighting significant news stories from all states. The channel has received phenomenal response from viewers and advertisers alike while getting over 150 advertisers on board in the initial 150 days of the launch.

Rubika, with her many years of experience and expertise, will not only add value but also make the channel content far more competitive during the most crucial time of the Indian democracy. An Anchor & Journalist par excellence, she has become a ‘Household name.’ The News Channel is about to complete a year in August 2023, and with the run up to the upcoming elections, Bharat 24-Vision of New India is building a strong team of experienced professionals starting with Rubika.

Rubika believes that, “Embracing the struggles and being resilient is the key to conquer the perilous paths.” Her Instagram account reads: TV Journalist. Heart belongs to Udaipur, Rajasthan. Soul to India. Life to humanity.

“Just be strong about your convictions and do your work with sincerity. If you are an aspiring journalist, you must always be truthful. You have to be straightforward and have passion for your work,” Rubika asserts.

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